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Congressman David Mckinley visits Trilogy HQ to discuss opportunities & growth in West Virginia.

Last Thursday, Trilogy co-founders, Brandon Downey and Randy Cottle met with Congressman David McKinley, U.S. Representative for West Virginia's First District, to discuss how Trilogy is providing career opportunities for West Virginian's and how it's growing business in the federal-IT arena is positively impacting the state and surrounding communities.

"We spoke with Congressman McKinley about Trilogy's goal to raise awareness of the opportunities in the IT industry here in West Virginia and the local small businesses that are making an impact in our local communities. We want a spotlight shining on the booming industry in IT that exists, and thrives today, here in our home state. We are changing the stigma around West Virginia being a coal-state to a tech-hub by showcasing our capabilities as a WV-based small business that's providing innovative IT solutions to our federal customers. We're doing this by pulling in resources, agencies and other tech-companies native to WV to work with our communities in spreading the message and starting a movement ", says Randy Cottle - Co-founder/COO and VP of Trilogy.

In addition to raising awareness, Trilogy has implemented a proactive approach to attract and retain the talented people of West Virginia. By partnering with Universities like WVU and FSU, local schools in K-12, and programs around the state that share the same vision, Trilogy is creating a pipeline of fresh talent and cleared professionals through internships, co-ops and tech events that ultimately provide career opportunities for West Virginians and for The Mountain State from right here at home.

Team Trilogy has already proven it's effectiveness in this approach by relocating multiple natives, hiring new graduates - from interns to full-time employees, and creating resources and programs that empower, educate and develop West Virginians. "We were thrilled to have Congressman McKinley join us, and found the conversation around the future state of WV to be enlightening and inspiring. There are big things on the horizon, and we want to thank Congressman McKinley for taking the time to visit, share stories, and discuss how Trilogy is making strides towards empowering West Virginians and projecting our state towards a brighter future", says Brandon Downey, CEO and President of Trilogy.

The collaborative effort to make West Virginia a place of opportunity and economic prosperity starts with open discussions and will continue to blossom as more representatives, individuals, thought leaders and entrepreneurs join in on the conversation.

If you'd like to learn more about Trilogy and join in on the conversation, send your ideas to, follow Trilogy on the web @trilogyinnovinc and share the opportunities with your networks.

Lastly, a special thanks to Frank Vitale at Forge Business Solutions for facilitating the introduction the Congressman David McKinley and joining in on the productive conversation. 🙏

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