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Internship Insights: Experiences and Lessons Learned from Trilogy Innovations' Interns of '22

🎙️New Episode of the REBOOT [Something] podcast by Trilogy Innovations - hosted by Chad Jeffries #TeamTrilogy 🎙️

Join in this re-cap #internship2022 discussion with Trilogy Innovation's #interns as they provide insights into what it's like to intern at Trilogy Innovations and the experiences and skills that these interns have gained throughout their internship experience.

Trilogy's interns for the 2022 #internshipprogram were Hunter Lavender (left), Collin Lloyd (mid), and Kennedy Hawkins (right), and were our featured guests for this episode.

In this episode, Hunter, Collin and Kennedy as they share their experiences, challenges, and lessons learned during their internship. We will also delve into the impact that this internship has had on their personal and professional development.

Throughout the podcast, we will be exploring topics such as the types of projects that the interns worked on, the tools and technologies that they used, and the mentorship and support that they received from the company.

They completed their technical internship with Trilogy, and were excited to share their perspectives. Hunter, Collin and Kennedy are well on their path to #careersuccess!

This podcast episode is a great resource for students or recent graduates who are interested in pursuing a career in #Software and #Systems #Engineering.

Our guests will provide valuable insights into what it takes to succeed in this field and how an internship can be a great launching pad for a successful career. So, join us for this informative and inspiring conversation with interns from Trilogy Innovations, Inc.

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---- REBOOT [Something] video-podcast by Trilogy Innovations and hosted by Chad Jeffries Our goal for each episode is to REBOOT the way we think about each topic of discussion. Topics range from how we use cutting-edge technologies to deliver superior IT solutions for our customers, to current events, economic development and best practices that are transforming the IT consulting industry for government contracting.


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