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Trilogy Innovations' Day of Intern Career Coaching

The #TeamTrilogy internship is entering it's final week of the summer '21 internship program. We're wrapping up by providing the interns with post-collegiate tips and #CareerCoaching insights to help them maximize their potential entering the workforce.

Yesterday, we met with them at Trilogy HQ for our day of Career Coaching, giving advice on how to spice up their resumes, how to approach job searches, the interview process, and details on how to obtain a security clearance as well as the implications of having a clearance. These are all integral to the success of not only our employees, but our student interns who are approaching graduation to become future leaders in our industry.

Our goal for the interns was to provide them with an opportunity to learn new skills in a real-world environment and building off of their foundation of knowledge from their degrees in order for them to gain a better understanding of what to expect in their careers after graduation. Special thanks to Brandon and Stacy Downey, Chad Jeffries, Paige Mitchell, Melissa Vaden, and Sandy Yocum for providing their expertise on this career-coaching adventure and shoutout to the mentors for making our inaugural internship a success! Look out 2022!

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