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#TechTalkTuesday IT Resilience with Zerto

Live Event > December 1, 2020 @ 5:30pm EST

Topic: IT Resilience by Zerto Presenter: Greg Butler, Federal Systems Engineer at Zerto


About... This is an information-sharing event focused on the increased need for availability, disaster recovery, and data protection solutions in a time of uncertainty. Now more than ever, Federal organizations are facing unprecedented circumstances that are placing high demands on their IT systems. Yet, they are expected to remain available 24/7, compliant to security and data protection standards and mission-resilience towards cyber threats. Juggling and meeting these demands makes disaster recovery planning and data protection solutions more critical than ever. Join this panel for an in-depth IT resilience discussion focused on reducing planned AND unplanned downtime, preparing NIST-readiness with data recovery and risk mitigation in mind, using orchestration and automation to reduce resource, labor and time consumption, and finding the right approach for on-premises, public or private cloud. More about Zerto... Access to Zerto collateral Zerto IT Resilience Overview for Government – Zerto Quick Guide to FedRAMP - The Case for Federal IT Resilience (ebook) - Access to (free) i. Knowledge base ii. Documentation & Best Practices iii. Training and Certifications (Zerto hosted hands-on labs) iv. Future state: In Person Workshops

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