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Welcome Aboard - Daniel Garcia!!!

Trilogy Innovations is very excited to have Daniel Garcia join the team. Daniel has over 13 years of Software / IT Engineering experience. Daniel will be serving as a Web Solutions Architect, IT Consultant & Cloud Engineering SME.

Technical Skills include:

Cloud -

● Expert in architecting complete hybrid cloud management and automation solutions with Red Hat Cloudforms including implementing custom User Self Service portals, implementing custom integration workflows for legacy apps and cutting-edge enterprise grade strategic technologies.

● Well versed in cloud and virtualization technologies including On-Premise PaaS OpenStack implements as well as Google's GCP, IBM Cloud , Amazon's AWS and Microsoft Azure

● Proficient in application containerization utilizing docker / docker Swarm and docker Compose

● Fully conversant in Kubernetes with thorough understanding of Kubernetes including Objects and Configuration files, Labeling, Pods, Controllers, Storage architecture among other points.

● Expert deploying mid to large scale Kubernetes Clusters in enterprise environments and for cloud service providers

● Expert in orchestration and deployment of large scale microservice applications including

configuring and deploying Kubernetes and docker / Docker Hub.

● Proficient in managing small to mid sized migrations of virtualized legacy applications to be fully containerized and secure

● Expert in large scale deployments of Red Hat's OpenShift Enterprise / okd for enterprise grade container platform.

● Expert in managing complex OpenShift Enterprise Clustered environments including advanced distributed converged storage configurations (Gluster/Ceph/NFS) , image registry decouplement and management (Quay) , monitoring, logging and metrics analysis (Prometheus) and advanced security including router/proxy daemonsets and application level SSL Certificate management and Secrets management.

● Proficient in managing and implementing Quay container image registry for enterprise grade container image management and SDLC.

● Well versed in container security including but not limited to conducting vulnerability (Claire) and compliance assessments (NIST/CIS) against container environments and creating thorough documentation on container security best practices.

● Proficient in designing, implementing and managing configuration management tools including Puppet/Ansible/Chef for complex systems management and overall application SDLC

● Expert in designing and implementing Ansible and Ansible Tower for configuration management and overall Cloud Orchestration

● Proficient in utilizing third-party Ansible libraries and integrating with various application platforms/stacks including AWS (ec2), Kubernetes, OpenStack, OpenShift among various other items.

● Proficient in developing Amazon Cloudformation stacks for Infrastructure as Code implementations.

System/Network/Application Administration -

● Expert in systems installation, administration, backup and troubleshooting of Redhat Enterprise Edition/CentOS 3/4/5/6/7, Ubuntu 13-14lt, Solaris 9/10/11, IBM's AIX 5/6 Debian 5/6, Suse Enterprise 10/11, Windows Server 2000/2003/2008/2012/2016

● Very proficient with Perl scripting for system administration ( Creating scheduled Cron

scripts , Remote management and Logging and Remote script execution, etc.)

● Proficient use of RPM | YUM Package Management Tools (Red Hat & Suse) Aptitude

& dpckg Package Management (Debian) , CRON - System Scheduler and its

configuration location /etc/cron.d, /etc/cron.* crontab

● Expert in architecture of VMware, Red Hat Virtualization infrastructures including VMware's ESX/vCenter and vCloud technologies and Red Hat Virtualization Hypervisor and Red Hat Virtualization Manager.

● Proficient administering the Apache Web Server; httpd.conf hierarchy and configuring Mod Alias, Virtual Hosts, basic authentication schemes and Logging (Explore, parse log files to track events) Using Apache with SSL

● Expert in custom Jboss application rollouts with Red Hat Satellite and Puppet.

● Expert in Spacewalk and Satellite 5/6 administration including RPM installation and l ifecycle management, patch management and configuration management.

● Expert in Spacewalk/Katello and Satellite provisioning with PXE and Kickstart and integration with Puppet and Chef

● Expert in development with Bash / Ruby / Go and Python for OS level automation for package deployments and/or custom software configurations.

Development -

● Expert in designing and developing full stack applications in Go / NodeJS, Express and MongoDB as well as leveraging Cloud data stores, specifically, Google's Firebase and Amazon's DBaaS portfolio.

● Expert in JavaScript development including in browser (Single Page) applications utilizing Angular v1 / v2 and React to backend thin services and microservices utilizing Go / NodeJS / Express /

● Expert developing Angular v2 enterprise grade web application and Hybrid applications for Android/iPhone mobile and Mac/Windows desktop platforms.

● Proficient in developing Go / golang standalone programs and backend, microservice APIs in Unix and Linux platforms and troubleshooting and debugging third party applications.

● Good jQuery tooling and programming. Modifying existing JQuery modules to increase performance. Rewriting jQuery modules in Angularjs.

● Proficient with application programming with Java.

● Expert installing, managing and developing applications with Jboss application server

● Proficient building and deploying Java archives and Maven builds.

● Experienced in deploying, managing and maintaining Puppet systems for agile development environments focusing on continuous integration.

● Experience with Git for software code management and versioning and release management.

● Fully conversant in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

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